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Cummings Family History

Descendents of Jim and Hattie Cummings

Over a century ago near the town of Holly Hill,S.C., James Calloway Cummings and Hattie Anderson were united in marriage. James(Jim) was an outgoing man who liked to walk and he loved people. Hattie was hard working and was affectionately known as the town's midwife.

Eleven children were born to the union. Calloway, Samuel, and Canova were born in the late 1800's. Ernest was born in 1900. Perry, Willie Ethel, James(JP), Charlie, Elijah and Elisha were born after the turn of the century. Ethel was about 13 years old when she passed. Elijah and Elisha were twins who died shortly after birth.

Calloway's children were Lillian, Grady Bell and Linda. Samuel married Julia Robinson and their children were Hattie Bell, Maggie and Leroy (Buster). Canova (Buddy) married Marie and moved to Pennsylvania. The family lost contact with him shortly thereafter. Ernest married Alma Summers and their children were Helen, Harris and Alma Jean. Perry(Plute) married Mamie Mckune. Their children were Johnny, Pecolia, and Perry. Willie (Big Boy) married Polly Guest and their children were Willie Jr. and Willie Mae. JP married Jesse Lee James and their three children were Morris, Vernell and JP Jr. Charlie's first wife was Mable Sweatman to whom Dorothy Mae and Arrie Bell were born.After Mabel's death he married Emma, and Sheila Mae, Charlie Jr., and Glen Lee were born.

Many of us today are the grandchildren, great-grand and great-great grands of Jim and Hattie. The love for people that Jim Cummings demonstrated 'spilled over' and we are blessed with aunts, uncles and cousins whom we embrace and love. We love our ancestors and salute our heritage!

May the peace of God, which passeth all understanding be with us always.

Excerpt from 2005 Reunion supplied by Nancy Ellis

We would love to keep the family tree growing. There are many descendents of the eleven offspring of Jim and Hattie that we would like to know. Please take the time to fill in your family tree tied back to the descendents of the original eleven children.

To complete the family tree, email your family tree tying back to the children of Jim and Hattie Cummings to or

Include the following in your email.

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4. Your mother and Fathers name and birthday and birth city

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6. Your Aunts and Uncles Names and birth day and birth city

7. Your Great Grand parents names and birth dates and Birth City

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